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iPAS - Integrated Patient Access Solutions

iPAS is DCS Globalís innovative and flexible suite of tools to help hospitals maximize revenue and reduce inefficiencies throughout the revenue cycle. iPAS is built from ground up to provide an integrated, seamless experience to patient access staff, patients and physicians. Our focus is on solving business problems and iPAS achieves this everyday at our clients. We firmly believe that the patient access and revenue cycle process can be maximized by embracing the unique framework provided by iPAS.

Access & Experience: By enabling customized access anytime, anywhere to patients, physicians and employees, iPAS provides a set of tools to streamline experience. Patients, Physicians and Employees use portals to complete their activities in the registration and revenue cycle process. iPASí innovative Patient Wait Time tool provides hospitals with real time data about how long patients wait before service, thereby providing management staff to quickly address patient dissatisfaction. In addition, Patient Portal, Physician Portal, Employee Portal and Kiosks provide the tools required for a seamless access experience.

Discovery & Verification: The heart of iPAS is to provide tools to enable hospitals to understand WHO their patients are, and WHAT services they are eligible and authorized for. By utilizing Accuracy, Address Verification, Patient ID, Eligibility, Medical Necessity and Auth Manager, patient access staff are able to fully discover and verify a patient at various points in the service pathway Ė prior to service, during service and post service.

Point of Service (POS) Collections: Here the focus is on maximizing revenue at the point of service. This set of iPAS tools helps hospitals to understand WHETHER their patients can pay, estimate the patientís liability at POS (HOW MUCH) and provide them various (HOW) methods of payment (online through portals, credit cards and eChecks at registrarís desks, self pay credit cards at kiosks) at any point in the patient access process. Bill Estimator, Propensity to Pay, Credit Check, eCashiering and Charity Care provide the tools necessary to fully financially clear a patient.

Paperless Patient: iPAS provide powerful productivity tools that enable the elimination of paper throughout the patient access process. eForms and eSignature combine to enable the online completion of simple to complex forms, with automated feeds into any number of imaging and document management systems. ScanMe assists in scanning a variety of media from insurance cards to any other patient document, and Physician Order Manager is an online method for physicians to submit orders electronically either via web or fax directly to the service departments within the hospitals, thereby reducing lost and missing orders.

Business Office: iPAS provides BackOffice-Denial Tracking to focus on tracking denials throughout the backoffice process and enables hospitals to measure and manage their denials. Key tools in the front office such as Accuracy, Eligibility, Medical Necessity and Auth Manager can also be run by BackOffice staff to verify, validate to ultimately shorten the accounts receivable cycle, and cut down on denials.