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Denial Tracking

Claims Management and Tracking Software

BackOffice-Denial Tracking from DCS assists in the management of payer denials as soon as they are identified through resolution and recovery. It can classify denials by category, reason, and responsible party. It minimizes the need for manual spreadsheets or record keeping with its web-based solution for one-stop shopping which includes tracking, appealing, resolution, and reporting. BackOffice-Denial Tracking produces low-to-high detail reporting to meet your dynamic needs for identifying process improvements, payer patterns of practice, and lets you trend your successes and missed opportunities.

Why Use BackOffice-Denial Tracking?

  • Fully integrated with AuditLogix
  • Multiple denials on single account
  • Workflow capability
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Helps to detect payor patterns
  • Increases staff productivity by eliminating countless hours in entering manual denials
  • Improves cash flow
  • Capability to do real-time or batch denials
  • View denial accounts via work list
  • Build rules/edits to alert the admissions staff with possible issues