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Address Verification

Patients Identity and USPS Address Verification

Address & ID from DCS searches for a patientís current and previous addresses. The patient access team only needs to enter the name and last known address, or telephone number; Address & ID does the rest.

This fraud deterrent tool provides greatly enhanced security. It compares the billing address provided by a patient to the address on file with credit bureaus. Address & ID is fully integrated with AuditLogix and has the capability to view the erroneous accounts in easy to read work lists.

Why Use Address & ID?

  • Fully integrated with AuditLogix
  • Red flag compliances
  • CASS certified addresses
  • USPS delivery point validated (DPV) addresses
  • Helps to detect fraudulent address
  • Increases staff productivity by eliminating countless hours verifying correct address
  • Improves cash flow
  • Compatible for real-time or batch verifications
  • View error accounts via work list
  • Build rules/edits to alert the admissions staff with possible fraud